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This week I picked up Beautiful Chaos by Garcia&Stohl, It was in my daughters Easter Basket & lucky for me she's the sharing kind. In this instalment which is book three in the Beautiful Creatures series, Ethan Wate is making a concerted effort to deal with what appears to be the plagues of the apocalypse in his small town of Gatlin. He's got quite a bit of help from his friends, an array of casters, incubuses and some hybrids, which is a good thing because he's suffering from some serious nightmares & memory loss.

This was a nice twist after the second book, Beautiful Darkness, and really explored some of the other characters besides Ethan and his caster girlfriend Lena. Link, affectionately known as Linkubus, had a terrific opportunity to evolve from schleppy sidekick to one of the X Men. Liv is a foreign exchange keeper, who's in trouble for crossing the record keeping line, she's quick witted and a charming breakup to the southern lifestyle. Then there's my favorite, John Breed a hybrid who's hard to figure out, but he makes a fantastic Bad Boy.

The story retains it's spooky southern charm and evil villains while keeping up the actions pace so that we're never left wondering why these mortals haven't figured out why their town is so abysmal. Don't stop at book two, this one is definitely worth the read!


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